David Haynes


I am a broadly trained health geographer who uses cutting-edge spatial analysis methods to advance our knowledge of health and cancer disparities. I employ GIScience methods and big data tools to answer substantive research questions about disparities and whether dynamics of place (location and time) increases the prevalence of disease in specific sub-populations. I also employ GIScience methods—spatial analysis, geocomputation, and geovisulization—to communicate this knowledge to health researchers, practitioners, and broader communities.

Currently, I am an Assistant Professor with the Institute for Health Informatics at the University of Minnesota. My position follows two postdoctoral fellow positions with National Cancer Institute (NCI). My first position was with Program of Health Disparities at the University of Minnesota. The program focuses on the use of community-based participatory research to reduce and eliminate health disparities. This program will be very beneficial for me as I continue to develop my interdisciplinary, which encompasses: health geography and big spatial data. My second postdoctoral position is a collaboration with a Smoking Cessation Clinical Trial and Lung Cancer Screening program. My research with this team, focuses on the development and contribution of small area statistics to estimate the number of smokers.